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This buttery 22K and 18K yellow gold ring with its gemmy Chrysoprase cabochon is the inaugural creative offering in my Exploration Series.

Inspired by our “Perception” of the natural world around us. Something that might be thought of as unappealing, might be beautiful to someone else. Objects found on our my property, here in the Blue Ridge Mountains always spark great inspiration.

From the grand Sycamore tree and the common garden snake to a hand-crafted ring made in high karat gold that resonates with classical jewelry from ancient times, this ring is the epitome of my “Perception” of my surroundings. How something ordinary can become extraordinary.

“Perception” Ring

Snake vertebrae cast in 22K yellow gold

Sycamore twig cast in 18K yellow gold

Hand fabricated stone setting in 18K yellow gold

Gem Quality Chrysoprase- 13mm

Ring Size 7


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My greatest passion is creating exceptional jewelry designed exclusively for You. I take infinite pride in capturing the essence of you, your personality, your style, your story and interweaving them into luxurious and meaningful jewels to be cherished for years to come.

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