Whether you desire an exquisite personal Bespoke Jewelry Design or seek an exceptional creation from one of my Collections, I am dedicated to ensuring your delight in every aspect of your journey with me.

Diamond and Platinum Custom Statement Ring by Sarah EK Muse- Roanoke's Premiere Private Jeweler.

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I take great pleasure in helping you celebrate your life’s special moments with exceptionally crafted jewelry.

Your decision is well-considered and significant. In turn, each jewel is infused with my passion for the finest materials, the intricate process, the individual it's meant for, the captivating story behind it, and the creative journey that brings the design concept to its magnificent final form.

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Curated Gift Packages

Curated packages
Your personal ‘bespoke jewelry journey’ here at Studio 12 is truly one-of-a-kind and unique to you, just as the jewelry I design. Together we’ll Celebrate YOU with Meaningful Jewelry that’s Thoughtfully Crafted and Treasured for Life.
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Sarah Muse with Client discussing wedding ring designs