Star_City_Custom_Gift_Package Custom Designed Palladium White gold and Diamond Ring by Sarah Muse, Roanoke's Premiere Private Jeweler Star_City_Custom_Gift_Package Custom Designed Palladium White gold and Diamond Ring by Sarah Muse, Roanoke's Premiere Private Jeweler

Bespoke Jewelry Design


Into Exceptional Jewels

Imagine the opulence of owning bespoke jewelry that speaks directly to your heart, meticulously crafted exclusively for you and at every glance, it whispers your story.

This is the realm of Sarah Muse at Studio 12, where meaningful jewelry transcends the ordinary and becomes an exceptional artistic vision that’s unique to you.

Luxurious bespoke gold ring.

Bespoke Takes Time

Here at Studio 12, your comfort and needs are my top priority in your bespoke jewelry journey. I allow ample time to understand your story, discovering what holds significance for you through thoughtful conversations and attentive listening, making certain that your desires are brought to life in an exceptional bespoke jewel.

Your Bespoke Jewelry Journey

Here's a glimpse into your one-of-a-kind concierge experience.

Sarah working in the studio.

Insightful Consultation

Your unique design journey kicks off with a private heart-to-heart conversation, in-person or virtual, to get to know you, understand your likes and dislikes, your style, how you plan to wear your new jewelry, your budget, and what ideas excite you.

We invite you to fill out the Bespoke Inquiry Form, Book Direct or Email Our Concierge for questions.

Material Choices

We will discuss material choices and how they might work within your new piece. Do you prefer diamonds or colored gemstones, Gold or Platinum? Are we starting with new materials, or do you have unworn or sentimental jewelry tucked away in your jewelry box, longing to be re-envisioned. Bring them along, and together, we’ll explore the possibilities. (more FAQ's Below)

Clients admiring the progress in the ring design.

Design & Prototyping

If you dream of new gemstones and diamonds, I will procure the perfect, ethically sourced (when possible) gems stones for you. We'll discuss options and tailor everything to fit your deign. (See FAQ's below)

I will then sketch designs that capture your story, (most of the time on the spot during our initial conversation) followed by a 3-d model.

Crafting Your Jewel

Once you fall in love with your Final design, we will move forward with the making of your special piece through hand building or lost wax casting and scheduling of fittings at pivotal times throughout the process to make sure they fit properly and are everything you desire.

Sarah working on a bespoke design.
A client getting emotional putting her bespoke ring on for the first time.

The Unveiling

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for, the unboxing of your exceptional bespoke jewel. Expect a few tears will be shed during this joy filled moment when you are able to wear your new modern heirloom close to your heart.

Additional FAQ's

Not at all! We love connecting with people from all over. Video calls work great, I do however love to meet with my clients in person whenever possible, creating a deeper connection.  

You can arrange a Bespoke Design Consultation Call by Contacting Our Concierge Here or Book Direct Here]].

Absolutely! Send us or bring inspiring pictures, Pinterest boards, or doodles to our initial conversation. They are great for reference.

As a jewelry designer and GIA, AJP with 25 years of experience, I work with reputable gemstone suppliers and gemstone cutters directly and I'm happy to procure the perfect diamonds or gemstones for your bespoke design.

We love working with heirloom gemstones and diamonds. If working together at a distance, please provide us with details about the gemstone(s); the measurements as well as any GIA certification, if applicable and photos. Or, if we are meeting in-person, bring them along and we’ll take care of the rest. We will then discuss whether or not your heirloom stones can work in your design.

We can repurpose the gold (non-structural) or refine gold and Platinum and use the value as credit towards creating your new bespoke project. If you're not sure if it’s 14k, 18k or 22k or even metal, don’t worry, I can test it for you when we meet. 

Based on our conversation, I'll create 1-3 thoughtfully designed sketches specifically for you, and up to three revisions on the chosen design. After you approve the final design, your custom piece will go into production. I’ll keep you involved throughout your Bespoke Jewelry Journey with photos, videos and/or in-person meetings to ensure a proper fit and that it's everything you desire.

Your endeavor into the world of personal, one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces here at Studio 12 begin at $3500. A 30% non-refundable deposit is due to initiate the design process. Any metal trade-in value is subtracted from the balance which is then due upon delivery/ pick-up of your completed piece(s). 

Expect 2-5 months. Your personal Bespoke Jewelry takes time and a sensitivity to your thoughts and emotions. These considerations take time and I’ll communicate with you throughout.

Every detail of your special pieces are considered with intentional problem solving along the way, especially with more complex art jewelry pieces, so that you fall head-over-heels in love with your new modern heirloom.

Schedule Your Bespoke Design Consultation by Contacting Our Concierge Here or Book Direct Here or fill out your Bespoke Jewelry Inquiry Form Here.

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A gorgeous bespoke gold ring.

Masterful Goldsmithing

Combining your desires with my artistic aesthetic creates a unique vision, your very own modern heirloom.

A unique bespoke gold ring.

Re-Envision | Re-Purpose

Re-envision, re-use, repurpose your sentimental and unworn jewelry into a meaningful bespoke jewel!

Custom designed diamond ring set | With 25 years of experience as a jewelry designer, I employ classical & modern metalsmithing techniques with skilled craftsmanship and time-honored design principles. Beautiful gold bespoke rings with diamonds.

Your Bespoke Jewelry Journey Begins Here

Where your story is crafted in exceptional bespoke jewelry.