Bespoke Jewelry Client showing a friend her Custom Sapphire & Gold Gingko Engagement Ring Bespoke Jewelry Client showing a friend her Custom Sapphire & Gold Gingko Engagement Ring

Bespoke Jewelry Design

Luxurious bespoke gold ring.

Into Exceptional Jewels

Imagine the luxury of owning meaningful bespoke jewelry that speaks directly to your heart and is meticulously crafted exclusively for you.

At Studio 12, Sarah Muse transforms your personal narrative into a outstanding artistic vision and legacy piece. Each one-of-a-kind jewel is infused with symbolism and sentiment, while capturing your unique brilliance.

Work with Sarah

Your journey towards owning a bespoke jewel begins with your comfort and desires as our utmost priority. Through meaningful conversations and attentive listening, Sarah delves into your desires to ensure that your bespoke jewel, whether it be a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or a unique custom pendant, not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Your Bespoke Jewelry Journey

Sarah working in the studio.

Insightful Consultation

Embark on your design journey with a private, heart-to-heart conversation—whether in-person or virtual. This session allows Sarah to understand your preferences, style, desires, intended use, budget, and inspirations in order to capture your true inner essence.

We invite you to fill out the Bespoke Inquiry Form, Book Direct or Email Our Concierge for questions.


Together, we explore material options—whether diamonds, colored gemstones, gold, or platinum—to bring your story to life. Do you have unworn or sentimental jewelry? Bring them along; let’s re-envision them into meaningful custom jewelry. (more FAQ's Below)

Clients admiring the progress in the ring design.

Designing & Sourcing

Dreaming of new gemstones? I source ethically when possible, ensuring each element complements your design seamlessly. If you desire something truly unique, I can arrange for one-of-a-kind gemstones to be custom cut by award-winning lapidary artists.

Crafting Your Jewel

Oftentimes, I will sketch designs on the spot during our initial conversation. Following with complete sketches afterward, ensuring I thoughtfully capture your unique story. (See more FAQ's below)

Upon finalizing your design, we craft your custom piece through hand-building or lost wax casting. Throughout the process, I maintain ongoing communication and schedule fittings along the way to ensure a proper fit and that every detail aligns with your jewelry desires.

Sarah working on a bespoke design.
A client getting emotional putting her bespoke ring on for the first time.

The Unveiling

Anticipation builds to the exciting moment—the unboxing of your bespoke jewel. Prepare for a few tears and exclamations as you witness your new modern heirloom, glowing before you, ready to be worn close to your heart.

Book Your Consultation

We invite you to experience your very own Bespoke Jewelry Journey! Schedule Your Bespoke Design Consultation by Contacting Our Concierge Here or Book Direct Here and please fill out your Bespoke Jewelry Inquiry Form.

Additional FAQ's

Not at all! We enjoy connecting with clients from all over the world. Video calls are an excellent way to collaborate, though I do appreciate the opportunity to meet in person whenever possible to foster a deeper connection.

You can arrange a Bespoke Design Consultation Call by Contacting Our Concierge Here or Book Direct Here]].

Absolutely! Please share any inspiring pictures, Pinterest boards, or personal sketches during our initial conversation. These references are invaluable in helping to bring your vision to life.

There is no need to supply gemstones. As a jewelry designer and GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional with 25 years of experience, I collaborate with reputable gemstone suppliers and lapidary artists. I am delighted to procure the perfect diamonds or gemstones for your bespoke design.

Absolutely! We cherish the opportunity to work with heirloom gemstones and diamonds. We will assess whether your heirloom stones can be seamlessly integrated into your bespoke design.

If we are collaborating remotely, please provide details about your gemstones, including measurements, GIA certifications (if applicable), and photos.

We can repurpose the gold (non-structural) or refine gold and Platinum and applying its value as credit toward your new bespoke piece. If you’re unsure about the karat or type of metal, don’t worry—I can test it for you during our meeting.

Based on our conversation, I will create 1-3 thoughtfully designed sketches tailored to your vision, along with up to three revisions of the chosen design. Once you approve the final design, your custom piece will enter production. Throughout your Bespoke Jewelry Journey, I will keep you involved with photos, videos, and in-person meetings to ensure a perfect fit and that it meets all your expectations.

Your journey into the realm of bespoke jewelry at Studio 12 begins at $3,500. A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to start the design process. Any metal trade-in value will be deducted from the remaining balance, which is due upon the delivery or pick-up of your completed piece(s).

Expect a timeline of 3-5 months for your bespoke jewelry creation. Crafting your unique piece requires time and a sensitivity to your ideas and emotions. I will keep you updated throughout the process, ensuring that every detail is meticulously considered and any challenges are addressed with care. This approach is especially important for more complex art jewelry pieces, ensuring that you fall head-over-heels in love with your new modern heirloom.

Schedule Your Bespoke Design Consultation by Contacting Our Concierge Here or Book Direct Here and fill out your Bespoke Jewelry Inquiry Form Here.

Elevate Your Gifting Experience

Indulge in a remarkable concierge experience through our thoughtfully curated gift packages.

A gorgeous bespoke gold ring.

Masterful Goldsmithing

Combining your desires with my artistic aesthetic creates a unique vision, your very own modern heirloom.

A unique bespoke gold ring.

Re-Envision | Re-Purpose

Re-envision, re-use, repurpose your sentimental and unworn jewelry into a meaningful bespoke jewel!

Custom designed diamond ring set | With 25 years of experience as a jewelry designer, I employ classical & modern metalsmithing techniques with skilled craftsmanship and time-honored design principles. Beautiful gold bespoke rings with diamonds.

Your Bespoke Jewelry Journey Begins Here

Where your unique story is crafted in exceptional bespoke jewelry.