Honey Drip Capsule

Enhance Your Inner Illumination
Inspired by the transformative power of my daily Kundalini meditation practice.
Breath. Calm. Clarity. Community. Awareness. Abundance. Mindfulness. Deeper Understanding. Energy. Consistency. Intention. Integration. Truth. Gratitude. Love.
Illumination is powerful and profound.

With visions of a bright golden light, some say it signifies a divine presence and can be accompanied by a feeling of being whole and fulfilled, indeed, a shimmering elongated pear shape with an asterisk at the end kept showing up for me. The first time I saw it I immediately asked my teacher what I saw… she said it was a Honey Drip.

As a Goldsmith by trade and my husband a hobby beekeeper, the name 'Honey Drip' was Perfect!

The brilliant shape and feeling of the Honey Drip kept calling to me. It demanded to be explored as exquisite jewelry. 

So, what's transpired from this?
 A New Capsule Collection!
I started carving and carving and carving!

Announcing the 'Honey Drip' Capsule Collection!

What makes the Honey Drip Collection truly exceptional is its deeper meaning. Rooted in the transformative power of meditation and self-discovery, these radiant 18K gold jewels enhance your journey towards inner illumination. Wearing the Honey Drip serves as a reminder to embrace one's unique radiance, fostering a sense of gratitude, love, and deeper understanding.
Each of these yummy 18K Gold Honey Drips are now available and made to order!
 Order your favorites, today!
Modern, elegant, luscious.
The perfect way to enhance your inner illumination!