“All of my jewelry is meant to be worn, to be adored and reveled in, to be treasured as a work of art.”

As a lifelong artist and accomplished goldsmith, I am always looking to broaden my creativity, and continue to master my skills. Evolving and growing as a designer is an ongoing journey that doesn’t end. This is the premise for my Exploration Series.

22K & 18K yellow gold ring with a beautiful tranaslucent Chrysoprase cabochon

meet "Perception"

This buttery 22K & 18K yellow gold and translucent Chrysoprase cabochon ring is inspired by the “Perception” of the world around us. Something that might be thought of as unappealing, might be beautiful to someone else. An object found on the ground could be considered irrelevant, or it could spark great inspiration.

From the grand Sycamore tree and the common garden snake to a hand crafted piece made in high karat gold and gem quality Chrysoprase, she resonates with jewelry from ancient times, capturing the essence of these found objects, creating her own "Perception" of beauty.


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top view of Perception, chrysoprase and yellow gold ring
Perception, 18K & 22K yellow gold ring side view from the Exploration Series by Sarah EK Muse
Chrysoprase and 22K & 18K yellow gold Ring on hand