What a beautiful time of year to Celebrate You!

I met this amazing woman a few years back… She was a breath of fresh air. Wise. Funny. Creative. Enthusiastic about life. An instant friend.

We met at book club, she was new to town and was immediately snatched up into our book club by a mutual friend. We hit it off. I think creative, artistic people like us tend to find each other-wherever they may be! We discussed our time allowances and the need for exercise to keep our minds and bodies energized. Neither of us are fans of ‘the gym’ so we decided to become walking partners and since our kids go to the same school, voila. Meet up after drop-off, get some fresh air to clear our minds, then off to our respective studios to create.

I looked forward to our morning walks. We could talk about anything and everything, while getting a great workout.  She was curating an exhibition and starting to write a book on the same subject. She was traveling all over the U.S. interviewing people and gathering photos and memorabilia for the before mentioned. I was returning to my business full time and our walks dwindled as our projects burgeoned. Our friendship continues to grow.


Heath Lee Signature Necklace-Studio 12 Design Blog by Sarah EK Muse


Two years ago she mentioned wanting a Lapis necklace and someday she was going to have one created special for her.
Late this spring, after writing the final chapter of her narrative nonfiction book “The League of Wives," my friend and author, Heath Lee asked me to create her “Signature” necklace. She wanted something special to celebrate the completion of and upcoming tour of her new book. 
She was ready for her Lapis necklace! I'm thrilled and honored she chose me for this special creative collaboration.


Sterling Silver, 18k gold, Lapis "Signature" necklace for Heath Lee, author- by Sarah EK Muse at Studio 12-Studio 12 Design Blog


Heath's celebratory custom, one-of-a-kind necklace is designed around 5 Lapis Lazuli cabochons, set in Sterling Silver with 18K Gold accents, links and bezel, all created from one of her Grandmother's rings.

Heath visited me in my studio to discuss the elements (shapes, sizes & textures) in the necklace to make sure they reflected the essence of what she wanted. Each element and all links and closure are hand formed, textured and fabricated. I added a leaf from the original ring and placed it on one of the silver elements in the back, incorporating an extra sentimental element.

Before I soldered all the links or set the stones, I had Heath visit me one last time for a fitting. Yes, a fitting. This is one of the main benefits of custom pieces, it is not only designed for you, but also to fit you like a glove.


Process Image, Fitting for Heath Lee's Signature Necklace by Sarah EK Muse at Studio 12


Heath is not only fashioning the necklace for the book tour and all "The League of Wives" events, she is now wearing it everywhere! And, guess what? Reese Witherspoon, HelloSunshine and Fox2000 plan to make a movie based on her new book!  

Heath plans to wear her necklace to every meeting, soiree and (fingers crossed) eventually on the Red Carpet (unless we decide to create something even more spectacular for said occasion).

Next up, I will be creating a set of earrings to compliment the necklace. Then it will have traveling companions.



“I totally LOVE my new necklace! It is a work of art and an heirloom! I have worn it daily since I got it, never want to take it off! It just so beautiful and beautifully made! The craftsmanship is impeccable!”  -Heath Hardage Lee


Heath Hardage Lee, author seeing her Signature Necklace by Sarah EK Muse on her neck for the 1st Time


Do you have a special occasion, celebration, a birthday, anniversary on the horizon?  Or, do you want to Celebrate You with a distinctively personal heirloom? Are you inspired by this story? Envisioning the future of that sentimental jewelry sitting in your jewelry box not being worn or enjoyed? Are you ready to collaborate?
Let’s do this!
Call me, email me, message me. I'm the one on the other end. I look forward to working with you to create a beautiful, personalized, one-of-a-kind custom designed piece of jewelry that you will LOVE and want to wear everyday and everywhere!
Want to know more about the Custom design process?
Sarah EK Muse at Studio 12
email: sarah@sarahmuse.com
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