Modern Traditions, Adoption and Love

Traditions bring family and friends together.... the continuation of an event, celebration and/or custom that elicits fond memories of the past, present and future.

Our family and friends have many traditions that have either been passed down for generations or began in our generation and they are all packed with great meaning and/or communal good times.

One of the most important events in my life is the adoption of our beautiful baby boy from India. What’s that you say? “He’s not a baby anymore, he’s 15!” Well that might be true, yet we have carried forth a tradition to celebrate the day my husband and I held him in our arms for the first time. He was two-and-a-half years old, we were overjoyed and we all knew life was about to change.

After a year of paperwork, we finally had his photo in-hand in August 2004. Then we waited, and waited, and waited until finally December 9, 2005, we were able to go see and hold him for the first time and all the wait time instantly dissipated.

It was an amazing moment! He was perfection! He knew us, we knew him. Although it must have been terrifying for him, there was an immediate bond, the universe embraced us all with a warm hug and a push out the door to discover a new life, together, forever, bound by love and a feeling that we have always been together.

We celebrate this moment each year, a commemoration of the day we were able to hold our son in our arms forever!



Each year our family goes to a beloved local Indian restaurant and eat ourselves silly! We give our son a small golden gift, I light a candle for him to hold and I recite a ritual poem I wrote for our very 1st celebration. Every year we do this!

We have many more traditions in our family and we truly cherish our time spent with friends and loved ones during these events and celebrations.


Do you have traditions where you celebrate life, love, family, friends, customs?

Do your traditions include a gift?

Would the gift be jewelry?

I'd love to hear about your traditions! Leave a message below and let me know. 



Here's Our 1st Day Flame Ritual

This flame represents life,

receive the warmth and energy from it,

and carry it forth with you, 

throughout the year.

This commemorates the day we were able

to hold you in our arms forever!


The warmth... To Love you unconditionally,

The warmth... to Praise you,

The warmth... to Encourage you,

The warmth... to Discipline you,

The warmth... to Teach you,

The warmth... to Learn from you,

The warmth... to Be There for you.

This day is a celebration of our family and our life together.

We wish you life’s longevity and sweetness.......



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