What is your Custom Commission process?

A: See My Custom Design Process page.

What is the cost for Custom Commissions?

A: It will vary depending on materials required (metals, stones, size), materials provided for jewelry, type of jewelry, complexity of design for jewelry or tiles. Typically custom work starts no less than $1000 unless it’s a simple jewelry setting created in Sterling Silver, re-purposed gold or a very small copper tile.

How long do Custom Commissions take?

A: Depending on the project, custom designs typically take 3-4 months from design phase to completion, if all communication, in-person meetings and Custom Designs typically take 3-4 months from design phase to completion, if in person meetings and images are approved of in a timely manner.

  • Please note: I’m excited to say I currently have a ‘wait list’ for custom designs. If you have a special piece that you need for a specific date, get on my roster today.
  • I recommend getting started now by filling out the Custom Commission Inquiry Form on my website (click link below). This is a great 1st step to answer several of my initial questions and allow for you to add inspirational images.
  • Once this is done, I will add you to my custom design roster and send you an email to set up a time to chat about your ideas and what the next steps will be.

How do you come up with your designs?

A1: For Custom Pieces, I thoughtfully listen to my clients. Discovering what is meaningful to them in different parts of their lives, their style, their desires, then entwining their story with my aesthetic to create a piece that is meaningful and unique to them.

A2: My one-of-a-kind pieces and collections come about by opening myself up to what is relevant at the time. Usually inspired by the bounty of Mother Nature, I use her guidance to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

What kind of materials do you use in your jewelry?

A: All jewelry is thoughtfully handcrafted using sustainable, reclaimed, and ethically sourced materials whenever possible. This includes, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, gemstones, diamonds, pebbles and cabochons of various gems and minerals.

Do I have to be based in Roanoke, VA to work with you?

A: No. If you are outside the Roanoke metro area, we can communicate via phone, email and text. I will be in communication with you throughout each step of the process to ensure the piece is exactly what you desire.

However, if you are in the Roanoke area, we can meet in-person to discuss design and if you want to see the piece in process or to try on a piece of jewelry for perfect fit, this allows for that.

Do I have to have my own stones/materials for custom jewelry designs?

A: No. I have many resources for materials and stones for any design.

What happens to my sentimental pieces when you create a jewelry redesign?

A: It depends on the design selected by the client and will be discussed in full in the design phase.

Metal: If the design calls for building the piece, the metal can be used directly, forging, melting, rolling out to used as decorative elements and depending on the integrity and on the piece of jewelry being made, it can be used structurally as well. If the design calls for casting the piece, the metal will be melted and re-alloyed, incorporating new metal to ensure a quality casting.

(If there is an extra special element on the sentimental piece, there is a possibility of keeping the element and incorporating it into the new design, either on the front if it compliments the new design or on the back as a special little momento. I have done this with several redesigns.)

Stones: Most stones can be incorporated into a new design. This depends on the design, the type of stone and the wish of the client. It will be discussed and finalized in the design phase.

Other materials: Can be considered.


Have more questions or want to start your own Custom Design Journey, please don't hesitate to contact me:

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