The Clarity and Ajna rings of the Honey Drip Collection beautifully stacked. The Clarity and Ajna rings of the Honey Drip Collection beautifully stacked.
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Honey Drip Capsule

Enhance Your Inner Illumination...

Rooted in the transformative power of meditation, these radiant 18K gold jewels enhance your journey towards inner illumination.

Wearing pieces from the Honey Drip Collection serves as a reminder to embrace your unique radiance while fostering a sense of gratitude, love, and deeper understanding.

Each piece is made to order and can take 4-6 weeks to complete. We will do our very best to ship as many orders as possible before Christmas as we appreciate each of you. Thank you!

More About The Honey Drip Collection

The Honey Drip Capsule Collection was inspired by a profound vision during Sarah’s daily 333 Kundalini Meditation Practice. During her vision she saw a shimmering elongated pear shape with an asterisk at the end bathed in a bright golden light. Turning to her teacher, she asked for insight on the vision. Her teacher said, “That was a Honey Drip!”

Sarah’s teacher’s teacher told her, seeing this symbol in a vision is a form of enlightenment. The golden light signifies a divine presence and can be accompanied by a feeling of being whole and fulfilled, while the shape of the honey drip symbolizes the third eye opening. The feeling of this sacred symbol kept calling to Sarah and demanded to be explored as exquisite jewelry.

Each piece is meticulously carved in jewelers wax, molded, cast, then finished by hand with our signature lustrous brushed finish.

Sarah decked out in the honey drip collection.