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Have you been dreaming of a special piece of jewelry, thoughtfully crafted, exclusively for you, but you’re not sure where to begin? 
I’m Sarah EK Muse and I’m here to help bring your dreams to life. Whether using jewels from your jewelry box or starting with personalized ethically sourced gemstones, together we’ll share in a one-of-kind, creative journey, unique to you and your desires. The outcome is far more than a piece of jewelry.
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I take infinite pride in discerning what you want, capturing the essence of your personality, your style, your story and translating that into a beautiful new bespoke modern heirloom to be cherished for generations to come. 

I love working with my clients to reenvision the jewels they've been holding onto, but are currently in a style that's not their own. I’m honored when clients trust me with their personal pieces, to breathe new life into them, as with this bespoke anniversary ring featured above.


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When you’re ready to start your very own custom design journey with me, here are a few guidelines to get you started.


Love and perfection takes time.

Your personalized custom jewelry experience takes time and a sensitivity to your thoughts and emotions. Many things will influence the time frame (typically 2-5 months) and I will communicate with you throughout. Every detail of your piece(s) is considered with intentional problem solving along the way, especially with more complex art jewelry pieces, so that you fall head-over-heels in LOVE with your new modern heirloom.


Do you have hidden jewels in your jewelry box?

Maybe you’ve inherited sentimental pieces of jewelry from loved ones that you never wear because they’re just not you. What if these family treasures could be reenvisioned into a brilliant new design that truly tells your personal story? 

Most hidden jewels have deep meaning, but can they be used?  Gold, platinum and most gemstones can be used or refined. Costume jewelry and sterling silver are typically best enjoyed as they are, not used in a redesign. 


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What’s that metal?

First we’ll determine what type of metal you have. You can check this yourself, by looking inside a ring band or bracelet, on the post of an earring, or clasp of a necklace.

Look for these markings:

Gold: 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K, are the most common for gold

Platinum: 950, 999, PLATINUM, PLAT

Sterling Silver: SS, Sterling, 925

.We can repurpose the gold (non-structural) or refine the metals and use the value as credit towards creating your new bespoke project. If you're not sure what type of metal you have, bring it along! I can test it and give you an approximate value when we meet.

Costume jewelry is usually gold or silver plating over a base metal like copper, brass or even plastic. Many of these older costume pieces will be discolored, or maybe even have some flaking, and are not usable.


Checking your stones.

If you don’t have usable gems, no worries! As a jewelry designer and GIA, AJP with 25-years of experience, I work with amazing gemstone dealers and I’m happy to procure the perfect, sustainably-sourced diamonds or gemstones for your personal piece. 


 .If you do have stones, here are a few guidelines to determine usability:

  • Most gemstones and diamonds that are set in gold or platinum can be used, if they are without major scratches or chips.
  • If you have loose stones or question whether a stone can be used, bring them to your first consultation and we will determine if they can be used. 
  • Stones that have been glued in place are many times not real stones or are set in costume jewelry and are typically not usable.


Studio 12 Design Blog I Sarah EK Muse I Diamond I Custom Jewelry Redesign l Bespoke Jewelry l Custom Jewelry Design Experience I Roanoke, VA

A peek inside the design experience. 

The custom design experience is intentional and personalized. Your experience will be uniquely yours. Together, we begin with a conversation to learn about you to form a proper connection. I’ll ask you succinct questions, and listen carefully to your answers, to guide the direction of your bespoke design. I’ll get to know…

  • Your likes and dislikes, including colors, shapes, interests.
  • What ideas or concepts excite you and what touches your heart.
  • How you plan to wear your new piece of jewelry.
  • Whether you’ll wear your new piece every day or only on special occasions.
  • Anything else that might influence the creative vision of your bespoke piece.


Show me your ideas!

Pictures or a Pinterest board, with ideas that you love or are inspired by, such as specific time periods, favorite places, hobbies and fashion styles are a great place to start. Tell me what your heart most desires, and know that you’re in a safe place to share.

.How much should you plan to invest?

Your endeavor into the world of a personal, one-of-a-kind bespoke piece that is designed and made here at Studio 12 typically starts at $3500. I ask for a 30% non-refundable deposit to initiate the design process. The balance is due upon delivery/pick-up of completed pieces. Any metal trade-in value is subtracted from the balance.

.You have choices!

Based on our conversations, I'll create one or more thoughtfully designed sketches, and up to three revisions on the chosen design. When that one design captures your heart, you’ll know it’s right. After you approve the final design, I will start making your piece with astute attention to detail. You will be involved throughout the journey with photos, videos, conversations and fittings, so you remain close to the process and your personal bespoke piece of jewelry! Be prepared to fall in love with your new piece, over and over again.

Thank you for trusting in my creative vision and letting me be a part of your story!

~ Sarah

Roanoke’s Premiere Private Jeweler




Have more questions, or are you ready to get started? Contact Sarah today. or 540-524-2764.

Or, Book Your Private Appointment here.

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