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Wow, it’s wedding and proposal season!  
This is always an exciting time of year! It can also be a time of overwhelm as you begin to navigate when and where you will propose, the perfect engagement ring selection and then of course the ultimate wedding planning. 
It’s a lot to take in, but I’m here for you to help navigate the custom design jewelry journey here at Studio 12. Together we'll explore the many options you have for your forever engagement ring. And, I want to make sure we have plenty of time to design and create exactly what you desire for your very special rings. 
  • If you’re thinking about proposing, and you want to present a finished bespoke engagement ring designed by me, you should allow approximately 3-4 months from initial consultation to a finished ready-for-proposal ring. 
  • If you think your future fiancé would like to be part of the bespoke jewelry design journey here at Studio 12, consider my proposal gift package, which I can have ready for you within a few days



Brilliant Diamonds | White Diamonds | Colored Diamonds | Fancy Diamonds | Sarah EK Muse | Roanoke, VA
 Does she love diamonds?
If you know she has her heart set on a diamond, you might not realize how many options you have for traditional and non-traditional stones. 
  • Shapes and Sizes - The ‘traditional’ Brilliant Cut Diamonds come in more shapes and sizes than you can imagine, from round, oval, pear, princess, cushion, marquise and more. And of course, all of these shapes come in different sizes, to suit her hand and your budget. 
  • Quality - You might be familiar with the traditional 4Cs, based on the GIA grading system developed in the 1950s. The 4Cs: Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight are relevant when looking for a Brilliant Cut diamond. It’s important to note that colorless diamonds are more scarce, and often come at a higher cost. 
  • Color - Traditional diamonds range in color from “colorless” or clear, to “light” which may appear faintly tinted. But there are also “fancy colors” which include pink, yellow, champagne, blue and green. And even more rare, are the red, purple and orange diamonds. Many of the colored stones are cut in the Brilliant fashion, however, I can source them in almost any cut, shape or size.
Of note: When searching for a diamond, please remember to go to a reputable jeweler to help guide your selection. Ordering a forever diamond online can end in disappointment. A qualified expert can show you the differences in each stone, as each one is unique and each one will have a different internal fire. I can help you find the best and brightest stone to suit your desires.
Salt & Pepper Diamonds | Champagne Diamonds | Opalescent Diamonds | Rose Cut Diamonds

 Not your mama’s diamond. 

Becoming ever more popular are the less traditional rough-cut diamonds, rose-cut diamonds and antique diamonds. 
Many of these diamonds used to be considered outcasts in the jewelry industry, not fitting within the 4C realm, yet mined from the same place. However, when cut to emphasize their beauty and used in a custom setting, these misfit diamonds are an exciting and very popular alternative.
If your fiance' loves the unusual or an ethical choice, one of these diamonds might be the way to go. 
  • Rough Cuts are exactly as they sound, not polished, cubes or hexagons, and not finished. They are gorgeous in their rough-hewn way. 
  • Rose-Cut or French-Cut Diamonds are available in an array of colors and cuts including soft and rounded, angular, various colors, salt and pepper diamonds, opalescent diamonds, champagne and white (also called clear). 
  • Salt and Pepper and Opalescent Diamonds have inclusions from a few light and wispy ones to dark and moody carbon spots, that make them uniquely distinct. It’s important to invest in a stone that is free of surface pits and cavities, for stability and the integrity of the stone, especially for an everyday ring. 
  • It could be your grandmother’s diamond, or you might consider an Antique Diamond, already mined, and repurposed from another setting, they won’t generate new mining of the earth. Antique Diamonds, European Diamonds and Old Mine Cuts are hand-cut, sometimes at the site of the mine with fewer facets than a brilliant cut, yet have amazing character. They are truly a thoughtful and elegant choice.

 Old Mine Cut Diamonds | Rose Cut Diamonds | Alternative Diamonds

If you’re coming to me to source a diamond, I can guarantee a great deal of time and effort has gone into selecting reputable suppliers who are conscientious and practice ethical sourcing where they can. This is part of my business model and one of my core values.
After much consideration and research, I have chosen not to sell Lab-Grown Diamonds. You can read more about why in my February 2020 Musings blog post:  “Lab-grown diamonds are being manufactured en masse in very different conditions for industrial and technology trades as well as the jewelry trade, using vast amounts of energy. And where does that energy come from?” I find it a bit ironic that these diamonds are being touted as an eco-friendly choice. Preserving and protecting our natural resources is woven into my business and life, and even though natural diamonds are being removed from our earth, in many cases, it can be less invasive than the extraction of the energy sources (gas and coal) needed for lab grown diamonds. 
Alternative Diamonds | Sarah EK Muse | Roanoke VA
I love helping you celebrate with exceptionally crafted jewelry. Your decision is well-considered and significant. In turn, each wedding ring and engagement ring is made with a passion for the materials, the process, the people they're for, the story behind it, and the creative journey from the design concept to the final work of art.

Ready to get started, or have more questions? 

Contact me today to discuss the next steps to your one-of-a-kind engagement story!
Loose Diamond Images by: Misfit Diamonds 

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