You Deserve a Treat!


“I had no hesitations deciding to work with Sarah. I’ve watched her work for 20+ years and knew she had the talent and aesthetic I was looking for.”

 Milestone birthdays, anniversaries, personal celebrations, and professional achievements are among the top motivations for a bespoke piece of jewelry or heirloom redesign. Stephanie was celebrating all four…

She came to me with the idea of a contemporary take on an Art-Deco inspired ring to celebrate turning 60, surviving not just one type of cancer but three, and honoring a shift in her career to freelance photography and teaching.

Any one of these is a great reason to celebrate, but combining all four was hard to ignore.

She deserved a treat!


Custom Diamond Palladium White Gold Ring | Bespoke Jewelry | Statement Ring


Stephanie and I have known each other for probably 20-25 years. We first met when she was a staff photographer for The Roanoke Times, where she worked for 30+ years. My husband Chris and I were very involved in our community at the time, from several arts and cultural organizations to our downtown neighborhood shenanigans. Even when we moved to our mountainside homestead, Stephanie was always there, camera in hand for the various events and happenings around the region. Needless to say, we have some history and great stories in common and a lifelong friendship that I will cherish.


Custom Jewelry Redesign | Wonder Woman Ring | Celebration Ring | Right Hand Ring


Stephanie had been dreaming of re-envisioning the jewelry she no longer wore, into a new bespoke ring, to celebrate her new path in life while honoring her femininity and strength. Her upcoming 60th birthday tipped the scales, and she knew the time was right for a stunning new Art-Deco-inspired ring with a modern twist, now dubbed her Wonder Woman Ring.
With this period and Stephanie’s persistent strength in mind, I began sketching. When I had a design that felt right and Stephanie liked, I refined the idea using computer-aided design (CAD) software. This allowed me to finesse each detail, so it was just right before sharing the final concept with Stephanie. With her design approval, a resin model was created so she could try it on and ‘feel’ it to make sure everything was to her liking. At this point, Stephanie could still request any final revisions before we cast the ring in metal.


“Sarah listened to what I wanted and said if I wanted small tweaks, she was willing to do that.”


Custom Jewelry by Sarah EK Muse | Roanoke's Premiere Private Jeweler


This stellar ring incorporates Stephanie’s diamond from her original engagement ring and a few smaller diamonds from another setting. I sourced two more smaller diamonds and then set them all in palladium white gold, which gives this ring a gorgeous, bright white color. The ring “came out exactly like I hoped,” Stephanie shared… 
“The distinctive design is gorgeous, and no one else has it, and I don't like to have what other people have.  I also like the idea that I can pass it down to my daughter, which was part of my thinking. You can’t buy this at a jewelry store locally. You can only get this custom-made… by Sarah Muse.”
Cheers to You! You deserve a Bespoke Ring and a Muse Margarita! | Jewelry Redesign | Ethical Jewelry

Together Stephanie and I shared a journey of discovery, breathing new life into her jewels from her past and bringing it all together into this stellar modern heirloom, with a nod to the Art Deco period she loves. 

If you've been dreaming of your own custom-designed jewelry, let’s Schedule a Private Consultation. The bespoke jewelry journey here at Studio 12 is typically a 2-5 month process from initial consultation to finished piece, depending on complexity, so make plans now for YOUR celebration piece.  

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