The Time Was Right For A Redesign



“I knew that I didn’t want a cookie-cutter jeweler.”  


Leigh’s grandmother was given a delicate, 18 karat gold and diamond bracelet from her husband. She’d seen the bracelet in a newspaper, snipped out the ad and stuck it in a book, but never told Leigh’s grandfather about it. One day he found the picture, and realizing how much she loved it, surprised her with the bracelet. Leigh remembers her grandmother wearing the bracelet all the time, to every special occasion.


Eventually, Leigh inherited the bracelet from her grandmother, but because it was not her “style”, it was tucked away, unworn, in her jewelry box. One day Leigh saw me on WSLS-TV’s Daytime Blue Ridge, and after watching my segment, decided the bracelet was too beautiful not to be worn. She knew then, the time was right for a redesign. 

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The Redesign Journey is Personal and Meaningful

Our initial consultation revealed that not only did Leigh want a new bespoke bracelet to match the style that she would wear, but she also wanted a piece of jewelry she could pass down to her daughter, in the style that she would eventually wear.


One of the most important parts of the experience is ensuring that my clients feel comfortable working with me. This is not automatic, like flipping a light switch. Clients may feel nervous, or vulnerable, allowing me to redesign a family treasure, and it’s my job to reassure them. I take my time, ask lots of questions, and listen carefully to discern what they want. Because she trusted in me, Leigh chose to work with me, one-on-one, to create her beautiful, new modern heirloom.

There are often deep emotions and memories tied to an inherited piece. It’s critical that I take the utmost care, both with my client’s jewelry, and with a sensitivity to how emotional it might be for them. If I do my job right, my clients will feel at ease. Leigh confirmed that she “never felt uncomfortable. The setting was very safe. If I hadn’t been comfortable I would have walked away.” Trust is so important to the process, and to a positive experience, with a bespoke redesign.


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 Communication is Everything

Throughout the process, Leigh and I communicated regularly, making sure her custom diamond bracelet captured the essence of her grandmother, while transforming it to match her style. Living in Roanoke, Leigh appreciates the many rivers, in and around the area. We chatted about the symbolism of a river, the flow and continuance, as it pertained to her new piece. She loved the idea! I repurposed the gold from her grandmother’s bracelet to form a river bed all the way around Leigh’s new custom bracelet and flush set the diamonds randomly throughout, like shining pebbles, adding a touch of sparkle.


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The leaves, which were part of the original bracelet, were not really Leigh’s style, but something her grandmother loved. Instead of disregarding them, I suggested we incorporate them in some way, to capture the history and preserve the love, affection and connection to her past. By putting the leaves on the inside of the bracelet, they rest close to Leigh’s skin, she can feel the love and connection to her grandparents.

 .Leigh wanted a piece that was modern with an organic element, and we accomplished this!

“I absolutely love it,” she shared. People ask her about her bracelet all the time, and she’s thrilled to tell them what each piece means. Even though she’d seen her new custom diamond bracelet at multiple stages throughout the creative process, when she unboxed the final piece she admitted “It’s even more stunning than every other time I’ve seen it!”


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More than a Piece of Jewelry

It’s part of my mission to provide a custom jewelry experience, not only the finished piece. This takes time and a sensitivity to my client’s desires, thoughts and emotions. Combined with my 25 years of artistry and expertise, I’m confident I can create a meaningful experience, and beautiful piece of bespoke jewelry, to be enjoyed and treasured for generations to come.

Are you ready to take the next step to create your very own new custom heirloom?

YES! Book My Private Consultation with Sarah. (virtual or in-person at her private studio.)

Or, give Sarah a call at 540-524 2764 to discuss your personal project. 


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