The Silo Ring, Chapter 2- Can you keep a Secret?

The silo ring, featuring a hexagon cut tourmaline
Are you ready for the next chapter of The Silo Ring story

What began as a profound inspiration has blossomed into a story filled with love, creativity and symbolism.

Imagine being entrusted with the role of witness and ring bearer in a wedding—a true honor that I was given and one that has set the stage for the next chapters. 

The Silo Ring, with its timeless allure, has not only garnered attention from admirers, but also set in motion a lovely wedding celebration, an inspired jewelry collection- debuting in August, a donation to the Cowpasture River Preservation Association and has led to the discovery of some exciting sparkly Tourmaline gemstones.


The Silo Ring Wedding Set - Men's Silo Ring in 14K Palladium White Gold with green/blue Parti-Sapphires.

Chapter 2 - Can you keep a Secret?

The moment arrived, The Silo Ring has found its forever home… as a wedding ring for an amazing woman with a passion for exquisite jewelry! 

This exciting twist led me to design a bespoke wedding band for her fiance to complement the Silo Ring. Created in 14K Palladium White Gold, this solid and mighty men’s band features six blue-green parti-sapphires symbolizing the silo's windows and the river's hues. The standing seams in between the sapphires mimic those of the Silo Ring, making it a remarkable companion, as is the groom. ;)

But there's more to this story! This turn of events was the catalyst I needed to move forward with the eagerly anticipated Silo Series collection. Stay tuned for its premiere in August!


Fittig for Men's Silo Windows Wedding Band

Returning to the Silo Ring and its counterpart, we find ourselves drawn into a wedding scene. Set for June 1st, this intimate elopement carries with it an air of secrecy. However, with permission granted, I can now reveal their story. 

During the design process, a sincere bond formed between the couple and me. Through consultations, fittings, and the selection of the sapphires, we shared synchronistic moments and embarked on a journey of creativity and personal connection. Along the way a revelation appeared as the number six(6) wove its way throughout their rings, the Silo Series and throughout their relationship. From the hexagonal shape of the Congolese Tourmaline to the twelve diamond baguettes in the Silo Ring, from the six sapphires adorning the groom's band to the six original designs within the collection, to the many other synchronicities in their life, the significance of six manifests in numerous ways.


The Silo at Fort Lewis Lodge & Farm, Bath County, VA

Deeply moved by the story of the Silo Ring, my clients desired to continue its narrative in their own unique way.

They decided to secretly elope to the very site that inspired the Silo Ring—the Fort Lewis Lodge and Farm. Delighted by its remote location, family ownership, and the scenic beauty of Bath County and the Cowpasture River, they choose this picturesque backdrop to solidify their love. The selection of the wedding date, the 1st day of the 6th month, adds yet another layer of alignment to their special day.

And, with that decision the couple made a request… would I present their rings during the ceremony and bear witness to their vows? This heartfelt gesture imbued the moment with a profound sense of honor and reverence. Can you envision the joy I felt? Of course, I said, Yes.


The Bride & Groom with the Fort Lewis Officiants and Me- the ring bearer

Finally, 6/1/23 arrived, a gorgeous sunny day. I arrived early, alongside the photographer Stephanie Klein-Davis, to prepare. We even took a moment to dip our toes into the cool blue-green river.

The couple's wedding was an affair of simplicity, with a few formalities, allowing love and connection to take center stage. The ceremony unfolded beside a serene pond adorned with lilies, with the Silo and the River in the near distance, and the officiants, who are part of the Fort Lewis Lodge family, graced the occasion with heartfelt vows and verses, evoking deep emotions.


  The Wedding

The celebration continued with yummy cake, flowing champagne, and the timeless artistry of photographs around the picturesque property that captured the energy of the day. Laughter and love filled the air as stories were shared, creating unforgettable memories. 

And for me, this occasion marked the first time I presented rings, that I'd created, to my clients, during their sacred ceremony—a truly magical experience that resonates deeply within my heart.


Happy Couple in the Cowpasture River and on the steps of the Silo


The story of the Silo Ring and its journey is not yet complete. The next chapter will soon unfold with the debut of the stellar hand-cut Tourmaline Gemstone Collection from Nampula, Mozambique by master gem cutter, David Tyrpak (sneak peek below)… and the premiere of the much anticipated Silo Series collection in August. Stay Tuned!


Tourmaline from Mozambique


Many Thank You's To:

Mitch and Traci for inviting me to be a part of your special day and adding this festive and meaningful twist to the story!

Stephanie Klein-Davis Photography for sharing your gorgeous wedding photos, and being an awesome collaborator, always ready for a road trip!

Fort Lewis Lodge & Farm for this inspiring adventure!

Happy Couple by Stephanie Klein-Davis

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