The Perfect Rings for his Perfect Girl


When Max decided he would propose to his now fiance Julia, he wanted to establish a connection with the person designing this unique engagement ring. Max and I have known each other for 15-ish years, but he wasn’t sure if I created custom engagement rings, until he contacted me to ask. And, I'm thrilled he did!

It was meant to be. 

We sat down for the first time to chat about Julia and the possibilities for her one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Max brought an assortment of family rings and diamonds that had been passed down from his parents. 

“I had an idea of what I wanted, to incorporate history and family, but also to bring in something new that would tell a story about time, past, present and the future.”

As an accomplished artist himself, Max sketched a few design ideas in my notebook. His drawings, combined with our conversations about Julia and what he envisioned for her, were the jump-off point for everything that came next.


Discussing sketches for a stunning custom engagement ring.

Julia’s bespoke engagement ring had to reflect her personality, and I was up to the challenge! 


Max shared essential details about Julia’s lifestyle. As an equestrian, she’s very active, so our primary goal for her custom engagement ring was to make something functional and durable yet elegant, beautiful, exciting and modern to fit her lifestyle. No small feat!


I started working through ideas on paper. Despite all of the modern tools at my fingertips, I still sketch out my designs by hand. The designs flow through me, and paper is a great receiver! My initial sketches showed a slim, modern, very wearable design with tons of character, unlike any commercially available rings.

Jewelry before and after for a bespoke engagement ring. 


The Beauty of Computer-Aided Design for Jewelry.


Because of the crisp lines in my sketches, I felt the ring lent itself to being designed using Computer-Aided Design (CAD). I shared my reasoning with Max, and he loved the idea. We both thought it would be cool to bring technology together with his heirloom diamonds to create a stunning new ring representing the past, present and future.


CAD allows me to expand on my design ideas, pushing the boundaries of my creativity while giving me the ability to add details and make refinements with precision. Done by hand, this process would be intense and take an excessive amount of time. 


When Max saw the resin model and visualized the ring on Julia’s hand, he knew we’d made the right choice to use CAD. At the 3d model stage, I was still able to make a few slight refinements with ease and then had the design cast in platinum.


Once Julia's ring was cast, the ring was cleaned up and polished to bring out the depth of the platinum, the diamonds were set, then a final polish to top it off and voila’, a unique vision, a stunning bespoke engagement ring that’s Distinctively Julia.

 Max's Proposal to Julia with her stellar bespoke engagement ring.

The Perfect Ring for his Perfect Girl.


Julia shared that when Max proposed at the dog park where they met, the day was perfectly romantic in every way. Even with the pouring down rain, inside the pavilion everything was as it should be. 


“My first reaction was shock. We’d looked at rings, but I had no idea it would be that amazing. It blew me away the first time I saw it.” 


Having a bespoke engagement ring, designed just for her, with Max’s input and ideas, made Julia feel incredibly loved and special.


Both Max and Julia wanted to carry the modern, elegant design of the bespoke engagement ring through to the wedding band, and the only way to do that was to have a custom wedding band designed as well. 

Julia's custom, one-of-a-kind platinum & diamond engagement ring


This time, Julia was in the spotlight. 


She went on her own bespoke jewelry journey to design a wedding band that perfectly complements her engagement ring. She had an idea in her mind and I was able to take that idea and design a fun and unique wedding band that compliments and fits her engagement ring to a tee. And, it turned out to be so much more than she dreamed of.


“It was great to be involved in the process; bringing my ideas to Sarah and having her bring them to life has been amazing. The whole process exceeded my expectations!”

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Let’s chat about the possibilities.  

I look forward to going on a bespoke jewelry journey with you!


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