The Moment that Makes You Squeal!

March 2019 Blog-Sarah EK Muse at Studio 12



Have you ever had a moment when you saw something so magnificent that it made you squeal?

I recently had that experience!


I was watching the Oscar’s Red Carpet not really feeling the excitement of the past year’s fashions and accessories, a few delights here and there, but overall not many exceptional gowns or jewels...

Until I saw Lady Gaga!

I literally squealed, immediately knowing she was wearing something Spectacular! I said to my husband, “Who, what is she wearing? That’s like, (yes, I said like) 200 carats of diamonds around her neck!” I knew the center diamond was out of this world but couldn’t see the yellow hue. I had to know so I Googled what she was wearing.


Photo by Getty Images


Of Course! It was The Tiffany Diamond! The priceless 128 carat yellow diamond which was recently re-set in platinum with another unsaid number of diamonds on the necklace itself for Tiffany’s anniversary in 2012.

Spectacular! And, Gaga was wearing it with an Alexander McQueen dress, what an amazing combination!


Photo by Getty Images


Okay, breathe.


In December I had watched a documentary on Tiffany & Company and the illustrious Tiffany Diamond and knew Gaga wearing it was an anomaly as it’s been in lock down since 1965 and now Gaga is one of only three people to ever wear it, the first being Mrs. E. Sheldon Whitehouse at the 1957 Tiffany Ball and the other being being Audrey Hepburn for a photo shoot for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. What an amazing feeling to wear something this stupendous!



Photos by Tiffany & Co.


We all aspire to have amazing moments in our lives that make us squeal! The idea of walking the red carpet wearing something truly magnificent, signifying we made it somehow, might be the moment you desire. Or, receiving your dream engagement, anniversary or celebration ring.

But, we don’t have to walk the red carpet to feel or be amazing. We can choose our own red carpet moments in life when we shine, where we put ourselves out there, creating our own brilliance, wearing our own special jewels, or receiving new jewelry, knowing we can and will be all we can be.


Now, someday it would be a thrill to have my jewelry on the red carpet. Will it be the Tiffany Diamond, no, but it will be a stunning piece or pieces created by an inspired independent jeweler.

More importantly, I would love to create a piece of jewelry that celebrates you and makes you squeal.

Are you ready for your red carpet moment?





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