A Story of Sincerity and a Little Thrill!

A second act filled with love and admiration, sealed with sincerity.
"I met Richard originally about eighteen years ago now. We were brought together randomly again almost four years ago. Last year we came to the point where we wanted to solidify our relationship with a special piece of jewelry."
After getting two referrals in two days and seeing a bespoke ring Sarah had designed for a friend, they took it as a sign and Richard reached out to set up a consultation with Sarah.

Richard and Cheryl were looking for something unique, an alternative to a traditional engagement ring, a symbolic piece that truly encapsulates not only their love and spiritual connection, but the deep admiration that have for each other. A sincerity ring.
Montana Sapphire & Princess Cut Diamonds | Alternative Engagement Rings
After discussing several options for gemstones and ring designs, it was decided to start with the main stone. Being a Vibrational Sound Practitioner and working with healing crystals, Cheryl felt the energy of the chosen stone was most important, and we agreed it would dictate the design of the ring.
Sarah sourced several teal and blue Montana Sapphires. But, one of them was super special with a little surprise inside! Sarah had a gut feeling it would be 'the one'.
Sarah invited Cheryl and Richard to meet, letting them become intimate with each one, holding them, looking at them inside and outside in the sunlight, feeling their energy to discover which one spoke to them. They narrowed them down to two, leaning toward ‘the one’.
At this point Sarah told them about 'the one' a cushion shape sapphire that has an unusual inclusion inside, one that when looked at from a certain angle and especially under magnification looks like a Mini Golden Galaxy. (see up-close video below)
Of course, they had to take a closer look. As soon as they saw it under magnification, they knew instantly... it was the one!


“I have small hands. I didn't want a large ring that would be uncomfortable to wear and Sarah totally got that. She was able to keep the ring on a scale that really fit me and my lifestyle and my personal aesthetic as well.

Richard and I decided we wanted to add some diamonds to the ring as well. So we have two diamonds on each side. He's much more traditional, much more classical where I'm much more earthy and organic. Sarah suggested that maybe we could make both those things happen, keeping the traditional essence with the shape of the ring and adding texture to the gold to give it an earthen feel. We decided on a texture that we both thought was beautiful and that we agreed on totally.

Montana Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring | Unique Engagement Ring | Custom Designed alternative Engagement Ring
“Working with Sarah was overall a great experience. It was exceptionally comfortable. She worked with us and with Richard's schedule of only being able to be in the Roanoke area every few weeks. She was always available. More importantly, we had a specific date in mind that we wanted this ring exchange to take place and Sarah worked with us to make that happen.”

 “When I think about my ring, when I look at my ring when I touch my ring, I love the sense of comfort that it brings to me. It just makes me feel content, it makes me feel happy, and it does give me a little thrill every time I look at it.”



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I look forward to going on a bespoke jewelry journey with you!
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