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Studio 12 Design Blog May 2019
I was recently given the honor of being featured in the Local Artist Spotlight series of Curata- a blog by Circle Design Studio, an architecture and interior design firm based in Roanoke. Thank you Theresa and John Dorlini!

Once a month, the Curata Blog features local small business owners and artists who are using their creativity to make the people, homes and businesses of Roanoke beautiful.

Here’s a few snippets from the article about my lifetime journey as an artisan and links to the entire article for your enjoyment.



From the Curata Blog:

“Sarah Muse is passionate about using her creativity as a way to bring joy into the lives of others.

She loves working with others on custom jewelry pieces. Recently, she has been passionate about jewelry redesigns.

“People bring me their sentimental jewelry that they will never wear, but that they knew their mother or aunt or grandma loved and would have wanted to be worn,” Sarah said. “I can take it and recreate it into something totally different.”

Sarah said there are several different options for these redesigns. She can completely melt down the metal and re-alloy it, or for those who prefer to preserve more of the original piece, she can take existing elements and incorporate those into a new piece. “I’m typically building a completely new piece and incorporating the gold or the stones or both into a brand new piece so it’s something they want to wear,” she said. “And then it becomes something that’s a new heirloom that they can pass down and the new generation can wear too.”

For these redesigns, Sarah draws her inspiration from the clients she works with—the stories and sentiment behind each piece and what they want for the end result. “I want them to see that I understand the sentiment and how they feel about the pieces, and to know their pieces are being taken care of.”

For example, she is working on a bracelet redesign right now for a client whose grandmother had passed it on. Sarah is taking the gold and diamonds from the former bracelet and creating a new sterling silver bracelet with with gold accents melted down from the original. Then she will line the small diamonds into those gold accents.

“It’s figuring out that there are ways to continue that sentiment and knowing that person is there with you, and that person is now enjoying the fact that you’re enjoying something that was theirs—but in your own way.”


Studio 12 Design Blog-Of Life and Creativity-Sarah EK Muse- Jeweler- Designer-Metalsmith


Sarah considers jewelry to be her small scale outlet for creativity, but Sarah enjoys having a balance to the small scale with something larger. For years, textiles served as her large scale outlet in the form of silk paintings. Several years ago, however, she stumbled upon something she loved even more.

At the time, she was renting studio space in Roanoke, and the artists there were preparing for an upcoming show called, “Think Outside the Frame.” For Sarah, who was one of only a few artists in the group that already worked outside of 2D, that actually meant that she needed to come up with something to hang.

“I started banging on copper and having fun and forming some pieces, and the next thing I knew, I had several pieces that were larger,” Sarah said. “So I created a frame and mounted each of these formed pieces on that frame. It was actually bigger than my studio.”

These copper architectural tiles are entirely one-of-a-kind and make the perfect statement piece for above a fireplace, in a kitchen, or in any interior space. “The architectural tiles are something amazing that not many people do,” Sarah said. “It’s a niche place to be in, and I love it.”

Although it’s a labor intensive process, it’s a labor that Sarah loves. “I’ve coined the new hashtag #zenhammering for it, because it reminds me of drumming,” she said with a laugh. “When you get into a rhythm with it, it’s very meditative.”


 Read the Full Article: Local Artist Spotlight: Sarah Muse

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