Is Jewelry, Art? Is Art, Jewelry?

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“Whether the medium is canvas and paint, a sculpture of bronze or a modern dance, art is an intersection of life experiences; a meeting place of enlightenment and kinship” ~Manon Crespi, Elite Traveler Magazine


When a work of art speaks to you, that dialogue can last a lifetime. Whether you’re drawn to the depicted scene, the feeling it evokes, or the artist's story, it can convey a sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves. It can also remind us of loved ones or special places. This can be said as well with Jewelry, evoking a profound sentiment and emotional response.
When considering that a piece of jewelry would look equally as beautiful in a frame, hanging on your wall, as it does around your finger or neck, isn’t that art?

Over the centuries jewelry was often connected to religious or cultural beliefs and not seen as art. But that’s been changing, over recent years. In November 2018, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, curated a show called Jewelry: The Body Transformed. The exhibit approached jewelry as a universal art form, ‘it speaks to those magical qualities of jewelry, to remind us that jewelry has a kind of agency, that both carries meaning and does something to us when we wear it.” Melanie Holcomb, Curator / Medieval Art


.Custom Designed Statement Neck Piece | Celebration Jewelry | Self Purchase Jewelry | Virginia

I love this connection of jewelry being art as it truly reflects my philosophy towards jewelry, my medium of choice. With my bespoke (custom) pieces, I have a deep rooted passion for the process, the people and the journey of discovery, as my jewelry is much more than sheer adornment. These exclusive jewels are an artistic vision that tells your personal story, inspired by you. My pieces are an illustration of your life, like a painting is an interpretation of its subject, yet you can wear your jewelry close to your heart, taking it with you wherever you go, allowing you to feel it’s ‘magical qualities’. 


Bespoke Jewelry sketch to finished piece | Custom Jewelry Design Sketch | Diamond Ring | 14K White Palladium Gold | Virginia

Like a painting or sculpture, jewelry as an art form can be produced in many different media, incorporating every imaginable material, and available not just to elite collectors but to anyone. High-end  jewelry also maintains its intrinsic and sentimental value. Whatever it is, if you have an eye for it, you can probably find an artist creating it in some form.  

Jewelry design is approached in a creatively conscious way, as is with other forms of art. With a sensitivity to the relationship of the pieces to the human body, designers are essentially creating art to be worn, rather than hung on a wall or placed in a courtyard. It’s a process of observation and design.  Jewelry can be cutting edge or highly refined, all equally as expressive as paintings and sculptures whilst being much more heartfelt and personal.


18K yellow gold bespoke ring by Sarah EK Muse | garnets, peridots, aquamarine, sapphire, diamonds ring | custom jewelry | jewelry redesign

As a high-end jewelry designer, I am also an artist at heart and always have been. I combine personal expression, skilled craftsmanship, thoughtful attention to detail and time-honored design principles into my original jewelry. 
My bespoke or custom pieces incorporate your desires, with purposeful intention and my unique visual aesthetic. The custom design journey is a holistic experience. Together we share vulnerabilities and personal stories to create a striking piece of jewelry, that captures the essence of your personality, style and story. Jewelry that’s distinctly you. 
All of my jewelry, original and bespoke, is meant to be displayed on the human body, the most sacred of places, to be adored and reveled in, to be treasured and worn as a work of art.



Diamond Engagement Ring | Diamond Wedding Rings | Diamond Wedding Set | Custom Designed Engagement Ring | Sarah EK Muse | Virginia

Are you ready to join me to create a work of art that’s all your own? I'm scheduling private consultations (Zoom or In-person) now to begin your bespoke jewelry design journey in February. Give me a call to start. Sarah EK Muse: 540-524-2764.

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