Introducing the Roanoke Ring

I love designing special jewels for amazing people and this bespoke ring does not disappoint. The design beautifully captures my client's deep connection to the Roanoke Valley, where she's spent the majority of her life's journey. This exceptional ring weaves together her family's past, present, and future, and her love for extraordinary jewelry.
Hand-carved in jeweler's wax and cast in gold, the custom made 'Roanoke Ring' represents the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains and the meandering flow of the Roanoke River that runs through them.
Featuring the diamond that her father gave to her mother for their 25th wedding anniversary, it symbolizes the Mill Mountain Star, which she saw every day from her childhood home.This ring is Star studded.
The river running through the ring is adorned with her mother’s smaller diamonds and sapphires from her first "nice" piece of jewelry that her parents gave her when she about 11 years old.
“My mother felt that girls should be given 'good jewelry'.” -L
“The design represents God's goodness and grace over my life since the time I was born in the "Star City" (represented by the large diamond nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA) to my new and probably final destination of retirement on the river in Gloucester County, VA. I am a Virginia girl, born and bred, and God has guided me to different destinations around this beautiful state throughout my life." -L
This stunning creation is more than just jewelry; it's a celebration of my client's unique story, blending generations and love shared. An ode to her parents and her amazing Aunt Blanche (who lived to the age of 107) that has been formed into a spectacular statement ring made exclusively for her.
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