How Do You Choose Jewelry For Your Special Someone?

Jewelry always makes for the perfect gift. It’s a way to express our feelings of love for one another, sharing something beautiful with someone we cherish because we want them to feel extra special.

This month, this week, we celebrate Valentine’s Day!  Jewelry, chocolate and flowers are typically the chosen gifts.  But are we choosing a piece of jewelry they will love and want to wear?


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Here are some questions I like to ask my collectors when they're looking for the perfect gift. There are several considerations.

What is the occasion?

  • Is it a momentous moment in life?
  • Or, is it for a fun occasion?

Does your person prefer simple pieces or statement pieces?

Do they enjoy unique jewelry that sets them apart from the rest of the world?

Are they drawn to or wear a certain metal?

What about stones?

  • Do they like rough stones, polished stones, faceted stones, diamonds?
  • Do they enjoy certain colors of stones?

What colors do they like to wear?

What is their complexion or underlying skin tone?

  • The varying hues of gold, from fabulous pink to eloquent yellow “pop” on warmer toned skin.
  • The white metals, such as expressive Sterling silver, smooth palladium and luscious platinum are accentuated by cooler skin tones.
  • Mixing warm metals with cool metals in a piece of jewelry is always a win, win, too.

These questions will help me guide you in the right direction.

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If you are looking for the perfect piece for Valentine’s Day? Amethyst is a winner. Like this beautiful Amethyst set in a cast and hand built Sterling Silver pendant.


Studio 12 Design Blog-Of Life and Creativity-Sarah EK Muse- Jeweler- Designer-Metalsmith-Ametheyst Sterling Silver Pendant


And, if you are still unsure, I’m here to help guide you further and may I also suggest a…

Gift Card. They are a great way to let the recipient choose for themselves. Although it may seem a little less of a gift from the heart, sometimes it actually is More of a gift from the heart, since they can choose exactly what they want for themselves.


Studio 12 Design Blog-Of Life and Creativity-Sarah Ek Muse- Jeweler- Designer-Metalsmith-$500 Gift Card


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