Don't Forget The Tissues

“I feel special when I wear it, and I wear it a lot.”

Kathy came to me with a “hodgepodge” of generational jewelry that she couldn’t use. Some of it didn’t fit, some were too traditional for her taste, but she cherished all of it because it had once been worn by family, and it was deeply sentimental. 

Before and After Jewelry Re-design | Custom Diaimond Ring | Bespoke Jewelry

Why commission Sarah?

When a friend stopped by Kathy’s house wearing a custom statement ring that I designed, she decided the timing was perfect to create something new to carry on the love of her family and to celebrate a very special milestone birthday. It all just “made sense,” Kathy explained.


She opened her jewelry box and thought, “it’s time to do something with these pieces, rather than let them sit in my jewelry box.”


Kathy had inherited both her mother’s and father’s wedding bands as well as her grandmother’s, and she was excited at the prospect of turning them into something new that fit her style and that she’d want to wear every day.


Since she had never commissioned a piece of bespoke jewelry before, she had no thoughts of working with anyone else. In fact, she said, “Sarah was the reason that I took the next step. Had I not seen the amazing ring she designed for my friend, those pieces would still be sitting in my jewelry box.”

Sarah Muse with Client

Trusting your jeweler is crucial to the process. 

By the time we met, Kathy had already done her homework. She’d visited my website to be sure she felt comfortable knowing that I would not only design something meaningful and unique for her but also that she could trust me to take care of her precious heirlooms and beautiful memories. 

“Stunning and beautiful” is how she described what she found on my website. “I never considered anyone else,” she explained, even though this was her first bespoke jewelry experience. “I like what nobody else has.” This is one of the top reasons my clients commission me to design their personal bespoke jewelry.

Sketch of new bespoke ring showing the original sentimental ring with it's 'S' curve element to be incorporated into the new ring.


The Bespoke Jewelry Journey is a fun and in-depth guided experience.

“Great things take time.”

I think Kathy said it best. When she came to me with three generations of rings, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“It was a process. We had several consultations. Sarah gets a great sense of who you are and what your tastes are, and what you’re looking for. She asked lots of questions to make sure she understood everything I wanted, even when I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. Sarah pulled all of my thoughts and ideas together with the answers to her questions, and in a few months, voila! The whole experience was fun and interesting!” 

My clients don’t have to know what the bespoke jewelry journey will be like right from the start because I’m here to guide them through every step. Sometimes it takes time to get a sense of who they are, what they like, and why. Often, my clients aren’t sure what they want, but we uncover things they may not have even recognized about themselves through this journey of discovery.“Sometimes you don’t know why you like the things that you like,” Kathy offered. But through my questioning, she gained a sense of why she gravitated towards some elements and away from others.  When I sat down to begin designing Kathy’s ring, I had a good sense of her personality, tastes, and the visual elements that would resonate with her.  Part of the design challenge can be incorporating an original piece into a new design. Kathy’s mother’s ring was nouveau’ish, in platinum, and would not work ‘as is’ with Kathy’s style, but it was the one piece she wanted to use it somehow. It did, however, have a significant “S” curve element with diamonds that became the starting point for the design, and with this, everything else fell into place. With a nod to Kathy’s 20-year career in real estate and love of landscaping, the “S” curve acted like a retaining wall surrounding a dome top underground house, which held her larger diamonds as windows. The finished ring design pulled together what mattered most to Kathy and used her inherited jewelry that had deep, heartfelt memories.

Kathy unboxing her new bespoke diamond ring designed by Sarah EK Muse, Roanoke's Premiere Private Jeweler

Don’t Forget Your Tissues

“I said I wasn’t going to cry, but I did. It was an awesome experience. The packaging was beautiful, and when I opened that box, it was a Big Wow moment. You made me cry.”

Unboxing your new bespoke jewelry is exciting and can be very emotional. Even though Kathy was part of the process every step of the way, she couldn’t fully predict how she would feel when seeing the finished ring. 

With three generations of jewelry represented in this single bespoke ring, there’s a lot of love and sentimentality in the finished piece, and Kathy felt its significance.“I love the size of it. It gets noticed, and it makes me feel good. It makes me feel special.”Kathy wears her ring a lot, and when others compliment her on it, she encourages them to embark on their own bespoke jewelry journey. 

“I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone.” Kathy shared that many people see her ring and tell her they have pieces sitting in their jewelry boxes too, “I tell them to call Sarah. She’ll do a good job for you.”

Gorgeous custom designed diamond, gold and platinum ring

Amazing jewelry. Amazing experience.


“The whole experience was a good thing for me to do for me. I can’t chunk it down into just one thing.”


Kathy called this “a journey of discovery” or what I call the Bespoke Jewelry Journey. It’s more than just one thing; it encompasses the entire process and experience from the initial conversation to unboxing and beyond. 


“The thought of what’s in it when I wear it… my family is with me always.”


“If you have jewelry that you’re not sure what to do with, go get Sarah to create a stunning bespoke piece for you.” 

Bespoke Jewelry is all about YOU

Because I strive to make every one of my bespoke pieces represent each client, it takes time. I want your piece to be about you and nobody else. When you see your finished jewelry, it will be uniquely yours, and you can say, “no one else has this.”  When I design a custom piece for you, I capture who you are. It goes above and beyond the jewelry; it's a Bespoke Jewelry Journey. I think Kathy said it best...“You’re the goddess of jewelry.”...and for me, it doesn’t get any better than that!

If you've been dreaming of your bespoke jewelry design, let’s schedule a private consultation.

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The custom design experience here at Studio 12 is typically a 2-5 month process from initial consultation to finished piece, depending on complexity, so make plans now for YOUR celebration piece.  

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