Custom Design Process

Custom Jewelry Design Process | Sarah Muse at Studio 12


For Custom Jewelry and Jewelry Redesigns, it all starts with You.

  • I ask you to fill out my custom commission questionnaire and have our first meeting via phone or in person. These informs me of what is important in your life, your budget and what your style is so that what I make for you truly captures the essence of who you are.
  • Next, the design phase, I gather the materials, repurposing what can be used that you might provide. I then thoughtfully sketch out several designs for you.
  • Once you approve the final design and deposit is paid, I will use a variety of techniques in the creation of your piece, depending on your style and requests. I also use different textures and polishing techniques to create reflection or lack thereof to express and complete the personality of each piece.

I collaborate and communicate with you throughout each step of the process with photos and/or in person meetings to ensure the proper fit and that you are completely satisfied with the end product! Final payment is due upon completion.

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For Custom Copper Tiles, I blend your style and my aesthetic with the character of the space the piece is intended for.

  • If you are within a reasonable distance, I’ll meet with you in person and see the space where you plan to display the tile. If you are outside of the area, I will request you to fill out my custom commission questionnaire with multiple photos of the space where you plan to display the tile and we will discuss your desires via phone.
  • I listen to you to learn about your style and preferences and take note of ways to accentuate the room through the texture, colors, and finish of the piece.
  • I sketch out a basic design, within your budget. Once approved and deposit paid, I create the design on the copper sized for your space, deciding which details will be raised and recessed.
  • I will then heat and hammer the metal in multiple rounds using several hand-hammered forming techniques such as chasing, sinking, raising and repousse’. I heat and hammer multiple times to perfect the design. This is always a meditative and rhythmic approach. Afterwards, I apply the flame of the torch, chemical solutions, and/or pigments to intensify the depth of color. Texture and finish complete the unique character of each piece.

As with my custom jewelry, I collaborate and communicate with you throughout each step of the process to ensure the piece is the perfect addition to your home or workplace. Final payment is due upon completion.

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Stickes & Stones & Bones Jewelry Collection | Sarah EK Muse at Studio 12

For my Jewelry Collections, I pull in much of my inspiration from nature.

  • Using a variety of precious metals, gems, diamonds and collected materials, I bring my designs to life through line, form, repeated elements, texture, reflection, and color.
  • Each piece is thoughtfully hand-crafted using hand building and casting techniques to fulfill the desired outcome of the piece and the collection.

My jewelry collection designs are all created by hand using the highest quality, sustainable, reclaimed, and ethically sourced materials whenever possible.

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